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How to Buy The Best Disposable E-Cigs In 2016

Disposable electronic cigarettes are the starting point for most all e-cig users. Disposable e-cigs are the most available and the most common. You can buy them at almost any gas station, supermarket, or bar. They also offer the most convenient way to vape with no mess, no eliquid, and once you are finished using it, throw it away.

Many electronic cigarettes users (who now use more advanced e-cigs) credit their first disposable electronic cigarette as their most important e-cig because it was responsible for introducing them to the benefits of vapor.
The best disposable e-cig will give you a taste of what any e-cig user experiences. It may not be as satisfying as a real cigarette at first, but it is the first step to the world without tobacco. best disposable e-cigs If you can use one, even for a short time, you can easily convert from a “smoker” into a “vaper”.

At first you may notice that the vapor is not as thick as a regular cigarette, and that may lead you to take bigger drags. This is normal so don’t worry. You are looking for the deep, heavy feeling in your chest. Disposable electronic cigarettes won’t give you this feeling. They are, however, delivering a respectable amount of nicotine to you. You will need to get used to this “cleaner” feeling in your lungs. Even if the amount of vapor is light, you still should be able to reduce your tobacco usage by a measurable amount.

Don't expect to just grab a disposable e-cigarette and never smoke again.

If you do, great! You may get all the satisfaction you need from a disposable. I found the best way was to start slowly reducing the number of cigarettes I smoked and at my own pace. I started by using ecigs when they were a more convenient option and in place of a few smokes here and there. I realized that when I used my ecigs, I smoked less and less. Soon tobacco cigarettes started to lose their appeal disposable-e-cigarettes reviewedand couldn't compete with all the delicious flavors of ecigs. Disposable electronic cigarettes are an excellent way to test the waters and start your tobacco-free lifestyle. Just like anything else, you want to start small and work up.

Just remember if you are not satisfied, there are more powerful devices that will give you more vapor and a more satisfying experience. You should just start here to determine what you do and do not like about each e-cig. This well help in finding one that does satisfy your tastes. Don't give up!


The Best Disposable E-Cigs For 2016

Want a More Satisfying E-cig? Try a Cig-A-Like Kit Instead

South Beach Deluxe Kit


The Deluxe Kit by SouthBeachSmoke is one of the easiest ways to get started in the e-cig world. This convenient starter kit comes packed with everything needed to enjoy a traditional tobacco alternative along with the ability to use them practically anywhere. Comprised of the patented 2...

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Cigavette Premier Starter Pack


Cigavette was started by lifelong smokers who were able to quit by using e-cigs. They wanted to “create a very cool brand that features the highest quality products at an economical price.” With a 30 day money-back guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty, Cigavette electronic cigarettes...

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Vapor4Life Titan E-Cig Starter Kit


The Titan is the flagship cig-a-like starter kit from Vapor4Life. With already having the VaporZeus (considered one of the best vape pens ever) it makes sense that their smaller cig-a-like is also another great device for beginners looking to get into vaping. The Titan makes our favorites...

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Green Smoke Starter Kit


The “game changer” is the best way to describe GreenSmoke. I have tried countless different cig-a-like electronic cigarettes over the past few years, and most fall short on battery life, flavor or are harsh, even painful on the throat. Some just flat out don’t last long...

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V2 EX Series Starter Kit


Probably one of the most recognized electronic cigarettes online is the V2 electronic cigarette. With the claim of “America’s #1 Electronic Cigarette” and “Over 1 Million Satisfied Customers,” V2 has got to be doing something right. V2 electronic cigarettes...

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