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Electronic Cigarette Reviews, News, Directories, And More!

In this site, you will find valuable information to help you understand the rapidly evolving world of electronic cigarettes.

Take a look around and get comfortable, you are only a few minutes away from finding the best e-cig for your needs.

Many review sites have reviews on the most basic starter kits, but have no information about the different device styles that might work better for you.

Unlike other e-cigarette review sites, this site explains the differences between the major e-cig styles and manufacturers. Here you will find detailed information, current news, and helpful reviews about all the most popular e-cigarette styles and e-liquids available from the most trusted e-cig vendors.

You just want to find the perfect electronic cigarette to help you live a tobacco-free life, and you also want to know what makes different types of e-cigs and the e-liquid unique.

Basically, you just want to know what kind of device is going to work for your needs, and you don’t want to buy 10 different devices to find out what one works best.

two vapor pensYou may have been searching online for the best e-cigarette and discovered that almost every review site is nothing but a collection of e-cigarette ads with little information about device types.

Things are different here. Here you will learn about the different devices that are currently available. Yes, there are many types and each one has it’s own unique qualities that makes it different.

You will learn all about each device type, from the simple disposable e-cigs types to Mechanical MODs.  You can even visit our E-cigarette Glossary Page to learn about the different components and what they are used for.

Once you know what each type of e-cig does, you will be more likely to buy the device that fits you best. If you end up with the wrong device you are more likely to likely go back to smoking tobacco.

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White G6 E-cig kit

Our 3 Favorite
Cig-A-Like Kits:



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Vape Pens

Several colors of Vaporzone Pro Electronic cigarettes

Our 3 Favorite
Vape Pens:

Pro II
Series 3


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Best E-Liquids

eliquid reviews

Our 3 Favorite
E-Liquid Vendors:



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Vape MODs

advanced personal vaporizer reviews

Our 3 Favorite
Vape MODs:

The Edge


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Best E-Hookahs


rebuildable drip atomizers

Our 3 Favorite
Mech MOD Vendors:

Direct Vapor
Vapor Hub


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Herbal Vapes

dry herb vaporizer reviews

Our 3 Favorite
Herbal Vapes:

The Stratus
The Ascent


Best Herbal Vapes

Electronic Cigars

E-Cigar Cuvana

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Best E-Cigars

Disposable E-Cigs

Disposable Electronic cigarettes

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Best Disposables

BBC video about the effects of e-cigarettes using the best info to date

Recent E-Cig News

The Ceramic cCELL Coil (aka The Game Changer)

Technology has come a long way in recent years, however, designs are still plagued with problems. From uneven heating to an inconsistent flavour and troublesome cleaning, many vapers have been searching for a game-changing alternative. Thanks to the new design offered...

Are There Free Radicals in My E-Cig Vapor?

A new report is now bringing to light some questions about the safety of electronic cigarettes. It has widely been reported that e-cigarettes are safer than their cancer causing predecessor, however now there is level of concern. The majority of research up to this...

New Study Suggests E-Cigarettes May Help Smokers Quit

E-cigarettes Help Some Smokers Quit Cigarettes, Rutgers Study Finds   People who’ve recently stopped smoking are four times more likely to use e-cigarettes than current smokers — A new Rutgers-led study found that people who have quit smoking...

Examining Hazardous E-Liquid Flavorings

On most packages of e-liquid, the ingredient lists are small, just a few ingredients, but then at the end there’s that little word – flavoring. Whether natural or artificial, this little word, the least prevalent ingredient in any e-liquid may be the most dangerous...

Laws & Regulations

DOT Bans E-Cigarettes in Checked Luggage

The Department of Transportation has now issued a ruling that will ban electronic cigarettes from being included in checked luggage when you travel via airplane. The new rule does not exclude e-cigarettes from making the flight entirely. You are still allowed to

Call to Action! Send Your Comments to the FDA

Now is the time vapers. Regulation for e-cigarettes is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to have your voice heard. The second of three FDA workshops regarding e-cigarettes is in the near future and the one major hole that was in the information presented.

What’s Driving The War on E-Cigarettes?

When the prime-time cameras caught Julia Louis-Dreyfus “vaping” an electronic cigarette at the 2014 Golden Globes ceremony, cries of disapproval arose from our nation’s capital.

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