The Best Electronic Cigarette Guide For 2015

Woman looking for the best e-cigaretteWelcome to the best electronic cigarette guide on the net! Here you will find information about the different types of e-cigarette, e-cigars, and e-liquids.

Unlike other e-cigarette review sites, this site explains the differences between the major e-cig styles and manufactures, as well as helpful reviews and recommendations, all without the pushy ads and popups. There is a lot of info here to help you understand electronic cigarettes and how they work.

Take a look around and get comfortable, you are only a few pages away from finding the perfect device for your needs. Choose a device category below to read about the benefits of each type of device.

e-cig in the handYou just want to find the perfect electronic cigarette to help you live a tobacco-free life, and you also want to know what makes different types of e-cigs and the e-liquid unique. Basically, you just want to know what kind of device is going to work for your needs, and you don’t want to buy 10 different devices to find out what one works best. 

You may have been searching online for the best e-cigarette and discovered that almost every review site is nothing but a collection of e-cigarette ads with little information about device types. Many of these review sites have reviews on the most basic starter kits, but have no information about the different device styles that might work better for you.

Things are different here. Here you will learn about the different devices that are currently available. Yes, there are many types and each one has it’s own unique qualities that makes it different. You will learn all about each device type, from the simple disposable e-cigs types to advanced personal vaporizers.  You can even visit our E-cigarette Glossary Page to learn about the different components and what they are used for.

Once you know what each type of e-cig does, you will be more likely to buy the right device. If you end up with the wrong device you will most likely go back to smoking tobacco.

That is why I made this site, to help smokers learn about the world of e-cigarettes so they could find the perfect device for their individual needs, all without having to wade through miles of high pressure reviews.

In this site, you will find valuable information about the different styles and types of devices plus hands on ecig reviews to help you buy the most important gadget you might ever own.

Learn About The Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

Rechargeable Starter Kits

White G6 E-cig kit  Learn

EGo Style Personal Vaporizers

Several colors of Vaporzone Pro Electronic cigarettes Learn

Electronic Cigarette Juice/Liquid

eliquid reviews Learn

Advanced PV (MODS)

advanced personal vaporizer reviews   Learn

E-Hookahs Hoohah Pens


Mechanical MODS

rebuildable drip atomizers Learn

Dry Leaf-Herbal Vaporizers

dry herb vaporizer reviews Learn


E-Cigar Cuvana Learn

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Disposable Electronic cigarettes Learn

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The Rechargeable E-Cigarette (Starter Kits)

Images of Rechargeable Electronic cigarettes

Designed for: Light-Medium Smokers, If Disposables Didn’t Satisfy You

Rechargeables are the fastest growing type of e-cigs, and they have the advantage of reusable batteries and replaceable liquid nicotine cartridges. They also offer the best cost savings over disposables in the long-run. It is suggested that you get a good quality starter kit you can buy if you are to enjoy the full benefits of vaping. With all different sizes, styles, and colors to choose from, buying a good starter kit can be a daunting buying choice. But don’t worry, the link below shows you to the most popular rechargeable starter kits of 2015, so you don’t have to search all over for the perfect device.

  Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Guide

The Disposable E-Cig

A selection of Disposable Ecigs

Designed for: Light Smokers, Social Smokers, First Time Users

Disposables are some of the most common devices in the market. Many of them are available at gas stations, bars, and over-the-counter almost anywhere cigarettes are sold. Many smokers start with this style and either love or hate them. It is beneficial to understand that disposable are just the tip of the iceberg. While some people find all the satisfaction they are looking for in a disposable, heavier smokers may prefer something a bit more powerful. If you are new to e-cigs, stop here first, it is the first step to becoming a successful vaper.

Disposable Electronic Cigarette Guide

The E-Go E-Cig

Several E-Go E-Cigarettes

Designed For: Med-Heavy Smokers, If Basic Rechargeables Didn’t Satisfy You

For the heavier smokers out there, the next option after rechargeables is the e-Go style. Bigger batteries and more options give these devices well earned respect and popularity. Some consider them to be the most popular e-cig out there. Using a standardized 510 threading on their battery means any type of cartridge or tank with 510 threading will work. Ego’s larger tanks can hold more nicotine liquid than a standard rechargeable e-cig. That combined with a bigger battery, and they can satisfy virtually any smoker without refilling or recharging.

  E-Go Electronic Cigarette Guide

The Personal Vaporizer (PV or MOD)

Different Personal Vaporizers

Designed For: Heavy Smokers, Techies, Advanced Users

When you want the most vapor and power, you want a personal vaporizer. Also known as lava tubes, these are the biggest and most powerful devices you can get. They typically involve some prior experience with e-cigarettes and they also require the most maintenance. Many of them come with LCD screens, variable controls, and removable batteries. Personal vaporizers are the largest and most vapers consider them the most desirable e-cig of all.

  Personal Vaporizer Guide

The Electronic Cigar Or E-Cigar

Selection of e-cigars

Designed For: Cigar Smokers

Enjoying a robust cigar at the poker table is a thing of the past. Or is it? These new members to the market are fast becoming a popular choice for anyone looking for a rich cigar taste without the stinky smell and noxious smoke that comes with a real tobacco cigar. An e-cigar is the perfect solution to enjoy the taste and feeling that cigar smokers have been accustomed to. These e-cigars will fool anyone in the room until they realize there is no smell. With modern technology, e-cigars can taste just like a cigar but without the smoke! Try one, you will be surprised.

Electronic Cigar Guide

E-Liquid, Or E-Juice

 E-Liquids and Ejuices

After you find an e-cigarette, then it’s all about finding the best e-liquid or e-juice to go with it. Many rechargeable e-cigs, and all of the eGo and personal vaporizers can be refilled cheaply with any flavor liquid. With thousands of different flavors and several choices of nicotine strengths, e-juice offer vapers both variety and pleasure never before possible while smoking tobacco. It is recommended you buy a quality e-juice that is made in the USA and from a reliable vendor. Don’t settle for cheap e-liquids made in other countries, the cost of the highest quality e liquid is still many times cheaper than smoking cigarettes.

E-Liquids Guide

About E-Cig Twigg

E-Cig Twigg
My name is E-Cig Twigg and I smoked for over 20 years before I found electronic cigarettes. I want to share my experiences with you. This electronic cigarette guide is designed to help you find the perfect e-cigarette for your needs. Enjoy!
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